Hard Reset ALLVIEW W1s

First method:

  1. First of all, hold down the Power button in order to switch off your phone.Hard Reset ALLVIEW W1s
  2. Then press and hold the Volume Down and Power key for a few seconds.HardReset ALLVIEW W1s
  3. When the phone vibrates release Power button and keep holding the Volume Down key.Factory Reset ALLVIEW W1s
  4. Release held key when the exclamtion mark appears on the screen.Master Reset ALLVIEW W1s
  5. Next, use the following sequence of buttons: Volume Up - > Volume Down - > Power - > Volume Down.
  6. Congratulations! The factory reset has just been performed.

Second method:

  1. The device must be siwtched on, so hold down the Power key for a few seconds.Hard Reset ALLVIEW W1s
  2. Then go to the Main Menu, find and select Settings.Wipe data ALLVIEW W1s
  3. In the next step tap About.Format ALLVIEW W1s
  4. When asked to confirm the whole operation tap Reset your phone.Restore ALLVIEW W1s
  5. Success! The factory reset is done.

Hard Reset ALLVIEW W1i - wipe your device by Factory Reset

Hard Reset ALLVIEW W1i - how to bypass Lock Screen Pattern

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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