Before you start Hard Reset procedure make sure that your phone battery is not less than 80% charged. Don't forget to take out your Sim and Memory card and also do a backup of all important data from your mobile.

First method:

If you forgot your password/pattern you can restore your phone by following steps as shown below:

  1. Keep entering any random password/pattern (doesn't matter that is wrong) you will see on screen how many attempts you have left to hard reset your BLACKBERRY KEYone. We have to reach "0". 
  2. After entering 5 attempts you will need to confirm and wait 30s to be able to enter password/pattern again
  3. After few more attempts, you will be asked to enter word "blackberry" do it and confirm.
  4. Now again keep entering password/pattern. You will get some Warnings jus confirm them by tap "OK"
  5. You will be asked one more time to Enter "blackberry" do it and Enter the last attempt after which BLACKBERRY KEYone will reset.

Second method:

Factory Reset  BLACKBERRY KEYone from Settings.

  1. Remove back cover and take-out Sim and Memory Card. 
  2. Turn on your BLACKBERRY KEYone by pressing Power button. Wipe data on BLACKBERRY KEYone
  3. Now go to Setting and find and tap on Backup & Reset. Hard Reset BLACKBERRY KEYone
  4. Next, choose Factory Data Reset.HardReset BLACKBERRY KEYone
  5. And tap on Reset Phone. Factory Reset BLACKBERRY KEYone
  6. If you have set up password BLACKBERRY KEYone may ask you to enter pin code.Master Reset BLACKBERRY KEYone

Third method:

How to Hard Reset BLACKBERRY KEYone without access to phone settings.

  1. Switch the BLACKBERRY KEYone off.Format BLACKBERRY KEYone
  2. Press and Hold Volume up and power button.Restore BLACKBERRY KEYone
  3. When blackberry logo appears on your screen press the Power button. Sometimes you might be asked to select a language, to confirm your choice press Power Button. Remove Screen Lock on BLACKBERRY KEYone
  4. From the following menu using Volume keys select Wipe and Reset > Wipe all data > Yes use the Power button to confirm.
  5. Now wait a while your BLACKBERRY KEYone is resetting. At the end choose Reboot.
  6. After rebooting your BLACKBERRY KEYone is ready!

How to factory reset BlackBerry KEYone

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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