Hard Reset GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone

First method:

  1. Check your phone, if is on.
  2. Now tap the Windows key -> Settings -> System -> Default Settings -> Input 1234 -> OK.
    HardReset GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone
  3. Wait until your phone restarts.

Second method:

  1. Goto Garmin Asus website to hard reset using firmware update: http://www.garminasus.com/en_ID/support/m10-software-updates.html

Third method:

  1. Make sure, that your handset is off.
  2. Then hold and press Volume Down + Power button.
    Factory Reset GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone
  3. After few seconds release holded buttons.
  4. Next you will see warning message for only 7 seconds.
  5. Press Send key witrhin 7 seonds.
    Master Reset GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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