Hard Reset HP Pre 3

First method:

  1. Switch on the phone.
    Hard Reset HP Pre 3
  2. Next goto Home screen.
  3. Then tap to the Device info and it will launch the configuration utility.
  4. Now just type Phone Reset, and choose from this options: Restart, Partial Erase, Full Erase.
    * If you want to wipe everything, then select Full Erase, and press it agin to confirm.
  5. Done!

Second method:

  1. Create account in this site: http://www.palm.com/support.
  2. Make sure, that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi network and get online through that network.
  3. Then from your computer log into your profile at palm.com/palmprofile using email address and password.
  4. When you are logged in, then click on Device Info -> I Lost my Phone -> Erase Device Button.
  5. Put in your security code into the text fileld Type text you see to the left field.
  6. Next click on Erase Device -> Yes.
  7. If you want to do a backup before erasing it select Back Up Data Before Erase.
  8. Now your phone will ressetting itself.
    * When your phone will stolen by some else then you should finish here.
      Anyone holding the phone will not be able to use it. However if you still have your phone then continue with the below steps.
  9. Afterwards turn on the phone, and select your language.
  10. Next enter in the e-mail and password of your profile.
  11. Now the device should start to restore the profile data from backup.

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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