How Root phone

How Root MOTOROLA Droid Turbo phone?

Necessary Drivers and Tools

1. Drivers

2. mfastboot_adb

3. Download necessary Lenovo Moto Firmware

Install Necessary Drivers and Tools

1. Unpack Drivers and install it
2. Unpack mfasboot_adb by any packer to c:\mfastboot

Rooting phone can erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want saves your data do a backup before start.

Rooting procedure

1. To root MOTOROLA Droid Turbo phone your phone must have bootloader unlocked.
2. To check this launch the command line with admin rights.

  • Go to c:\mfastboot directory
  • Type cd\ and press enter key.
  • Type cd mfastboot and press enter key.

3. To root Droid Turbo phone we must have oem lock in developing options enabled.

4. Download SuperSU application(recovery flashable zip) and copy it to phone memory.SuperSU page zip flash selectSuperSU on internal memory Motorola phone

4. Next Switch off the MOTOROLA Droid Turbo phone.
5. Switch on the Droid Turbo phone in the bootloader mode and connect a USB cable.bootloader menu motorola phone
6. Type in mfastboot devices in the command line and press enter. To check communication with MOTOROLA phone and drivers installed.
7. Type in mfastboot getvar all in the command line and press enter. To read all needed information from MOTOROLA Droid Turbo.


(bootloader) version: 0.5
(bootloader) version-bootloader: 4822        
(bootloader) product: thea  <<<   Product id needed for download correct custom recovery
(bootloader) secure: yes
(bootloader) hwrev: 0x8300
(bootloader) radio: 0x3
(bootloader) emmc: 8GB Sandisk REV=06 PRV=07 TYPE=17
(bootloader) ram: 1024MB Samsung S4 SDRAM DIE=4Gb
(bootloader) cpu: MSM8926              
(bootloader) serialno: ZX1C223G8Q    
(bootloader) cid: 0x0007   
(bootloader) channelid: 0x40
(bootloader) uid: 1E3E650815000000000000000000
(bootloader) unlocked: no    <<<   Bootloader unlock info 
(when NO mean LOCKED if YES mean UNLOCKED)

(bootloader) securestate: locked
(bootloader) iswarrantyvoid: no
(bootloader) mot_sst: 0
(bootloader) max-download-size: 536870912
(bootloader) reason: Volume down key pressed
(bootloader) imei: 353310060506975       
(bootloader) meid:
(bootloader) date: 03-12-2015
(bootloader) sku: XT1072               
(bootloader) battid: SNN5956A             
(bootloader) iccid:
(bootloader) cust_md5:
(bootloader) max-sparse-size: 268435456
(bootloader) current-time: "Fri Nov 10 16: 6: 0 UTC 2017"
(bootloader)[0]: motorola/thea_reteu/thea:6.0/MPBS2
(bootloader)[1]: 4.65-34-5/6:user/release-keys
(bootloader)[0]: Blur_Version.24.201.5.thea_reteu.
(bootloader)[1]: reteuall.en.EU              
(bootloader)[0]: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_LNX.LA.3.5.1_RB1
(bootloader)[1]: .              
(bootloader) version-baseband: M8926_309101.02.03.19R THEA_EMEA_CUST
(bootloader) kernel.version[0]: Linux version 3.4.42-g495dfd8 (hudsoncm@
(bootloader) kernel.version[1]: ilclbld71) (gcc version 4.8 (GCC) ) #1 S
(bootloader) kernel.version[2]: MP PREEMPT Sat Sep 10 01:48:29 CDT 2016
(bootloader) sdi.git: git=MBM-NG-V48.22-0-gdc5aeaf
(bootloader) sbl1.git: git=MBM-NG-V48.22-0-gbffe41a
(bootloader) rpm.git: git=MBM-NG-V48.22-0-gbe53f43
(bootloader) tz.git: git=MBM-NG-V48.22-0-g31cba28
(bootloader) aboot.git: git=MBM-NG-V48.22-0-g1b80345
(bootloader) partition-type: raw
(bootloader) partition-size:
(bootloader) qe: qe 0/0
(bootloader) productid: ZX1C223G8Q
(bootloader) sutinfo:
(bootloader) ro.carrier: reteu
all: listed above
finished. total time: 0.078s

This two line are important to can root our MOTOROLA Droid Turbo phone:

(bootloader) product: thea   <<<   Product id needed for get correct custom recovery
(bootloader) unlocked: yes  <<<   Bootloader unlock info (YES mean UNLOCKED)

If the phone does not have bootloader unlocked we need unlock it before doing next step by this instruction.

8. Next download correct custom recovery for your Droid Turbo phone. To do this go to twrp pageIn the search box enter product id from the log and download from the direct link it.

custom recovery download and select correcly v1

custom recovery download and select correcly v2

custom recovery download and select correcly v3

9. Copy downloaded recovery to c:\mfastboot and rename it if got another name to recovery.img

custom recovery motorola phone

custom recovery moto phone name changed

10. Next type in command line in c:\mfastboot directory command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and press enter button.mfastboot recovery flash screen motorola phone

11. When process end just select by volume down button Recovery in bootloader menu and confirm by volume up buttonTo turn on custom recovery that we write to MOTOROLA Droid Turbo  in last step.bootloader menu recovery select motorola phone

12. Just wait until you see custom recovery menu and after swipe to allow modification.custom recovery in motorola phone

13. Next, select INSTALL and in new select menu search supersu file that we copy to phone memory before. Select it by pressing the finger on it and in next menu swipe finger to confirm that want root phone.

14. When process end we got rooted MOTOROLA Droid Turbo and just press Reboot System button to reset MOTOROLA to normal.

Everything goes well and we can now use our MOTOROLA Droid Turbo with like we want or write to it anything that we want. Like custom firmware or delete all unwanted factory stuff.