Hard Reset PHILIPS X623 Xenium

First method:

  1. At the very beginning hold down the Power button in order to switch off the mobile phone. Hard Reset PHILIPS X623 Xenium
  2. Then press the Left Soft key to display Menu.HardReset PHILIPS X623 Xenium
  3. In the next step find and select Settings and Phone Settings.
  4. From the available options chooose Restore factory default.
  5. To begin the hard reset process enter the confirmation code: 1122.
  6. Well done! The hard reset has just been performed.

Second method:

  1. If the device is off, hold down the Power key to turn it back on.
    Hard Reset PHILIPS X623 Xenium
  2. Then type on of the following codes: *01763*737381# or #20021208#
  3. Now your phone will reboots.
  4. Good job!

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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