Soft Reset PIPO W3

First method:

  1. At first, hold down the Power button for a short while.Hard Reset PIPO W3
  2. From the options whoch should appear on the screen choose Power Off and then tap OK
  3. Wait a couple of seconds.
  4. Afterwards use the Power key again to turn the device back on. Hard Reset PIPO W3

Second method:

  1. If the display is off, press the Power key to turn it back on.Hard Reset PIPO W3
  2. In the next step press the the Windows button.
  3. From the screen in front of you find and select Settings.
  4. Then tap Change PC settings and choose Update and recovery.Factory Reset PIPO W3
  5. In this step select Recovery.Master Reset PIPO W3
  6. Afterwards search and choose option Refresh your PC without affecting your files.Remove Screen Lock PIPO W3
  7. When the appropiate information pop-up comes up tap Next to begin the process.
  8. Great job! Afterer about 30 minuts your tablet is ready to use.
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