Hard Reset SAMSUNG E500

First method:

  1. First move will be get to Menu options by clicking Left soft keyHard Reset SAMSUNG E500
  2. Then Settings - >Reset Settings or u might try to click key 9 on keypad.
  3. Mark all the avaliable options and confirm them by pressing 'OK' key.
  4. Push the Left soft key for Reset the device.
  5. Enter the password (Default password should be “00000000”).
  6. Now E500 must reboot so wait patiently.
  7. After restart ur done and device is back to Default settings.

Second method:

  1. If cell phone is off please turn it on by using Power buttonFactory Reset SAMSUNG E500
  2. Use phone's dialer to type this code: *2767*3855#
  3. Afterwards press Call key on the left side. HardReset SAMSUNG E500
  4. Device will perform Hardreset now, it might take a while.
  5. After reboot your device is back again on Factory settings.

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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