Firmware Change/Update SAMSUNG G350E Galaxy Star 2 Plus

How to Change / Update Firmware in SAMSUNG G350E Galaxy Star 2 Plus

Download and Install Necessary Tools

  1. Download and unpack Samfirm 0.3.6
  2. Next, download Odin software and unpack it.
  3. Software need to work installed on computer this windows component

Find and Download Samsung Firmware 

  1. Go to Samfirm directory and turn on software with admin right by pressing right button on SamFirm.exe file and select "Run as Admininstrator" run samfirm with admin rightSamfirm Opened
  2. To download firmware you just need write samsung phone model in model tab(SM-G930F example) and
  3. In Region Tab need select you phone customization (if you not know you can check this here Country Carrier Samsung ) or install INFO Checker app from google play and see it there.
  5. Then  press Button CHECK UPDATESamfirm Decrypted Samsung Firmware
  6. Software should show you latest firmware that samsung give for your phone.
  7. To download firmware press button DOWNLOAD and select where firmware should be downloaded.Samfirm Samsung Firmware DownloadedSamfirm Samsung Firmware Downloaded
  8. Wait untile download end, now unpack firmware by 7zip or any other packer.

Changing firmware in phone will erase all of your data !!
All described operations you are doing at your own risk !!
If want save your data do backup before start !! !!

Samsung Firmware Change/Update by Odin

  1. Before start check if phone have battery charged atlest 30%.
  2. Connect your device to computer via USB cable.
  3. Turn the device in Download Mode.    
  4. Then open Odin in Administrator Mode.odin with admin rights
  5. After that, you should check that you have installed Samsung drivers. If not install from here Samsung Drivers
  6. If you have installed you will see ID:COM field highlited and also in log AddedOdin Connection Success
  7. Make sure you have selected Auto Reboot and Factory Reset Time options.Reboot and Factory Reset
  8. Select Correct image like on picture if you want change firmware with data erase. Upload Firmware image in OdinNote! If you got only one file upload it as AP file.
  9. If you not want data erase but just to update android version to higher (region must be same like in phone if not phone will only reboot on logo and never turn on) , just use HOME file like CSC file (when is in archive that you downloaded or just download firmware by samfirm with unchecked option BINARY NATURE in this situation you will have firmware that have only 1 file)
  10. Check everything again, and press START.START UploadSTART Upload Samsung FirmwareUpload Samsung Firmware Completed
  11. Your device is updating now, be patient it can take a while.
  12. Your device has been updated. Now, you can disconnect device from computer.

Warning! After start you should not disconnect the device from your computer.