How Root phone

How root SAMSUNG J500F Galaxy J5 ?

Necessary Tools, Drivers and Firmware

1. USB Drivers
2. Samsung Odin software
3. Samsung cf-root packed

Install Necessary Tools

  1. Install USB Drivers.
  2. Unpack CF-Root pack     

Rooting phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want save your data do backup before start.
Battery should be atlest 50% charged before start.

Rooting Samsung Phone Tutorial

  1. Open Odin from cfroot pack directory.
  2. Tap AP button and select file that you got in cfroot directory with .md5 extension.Odin file select AP button
  3. Turn SAMSUNG J500F Galaxy J5 in download mode.
  4. Connect SAMSUNG J500F Galaxy J5 to usb cable.
  5. Press Start button in Odin after SAMSUNG J500F Galaxy J5 detection.Odin start button
  6. Just wait untile process end.Odin success screen phone rooted
  7. Disconnect SAMSUNG J500F Galaxy J5 from usb cable.
  8. Just wait untile you see welcome screen, phone can restart few times not touch anything just wait.

That all your SAMSUNG J500F Galaxy J5 rooted without any problem. Congratulations.