Hard Reset SONY Xperia AX SO-01E

First method:

  1. At first, download the Xperia Companion on your PC.
  2. You may find it right here:  www.support.sonymobile.com/global-en/tools/xperia-companion/
  3. In the next step install the application on your PC.
  4. Switch off your device and connect your phone to PC by using Micro USB Cable.Hard Reset SONY Xperia AX SO-01E
  5. Open the Xperia Companion and from the Main Menu choose Software repair.Factory Reset SONY Xperia AX SO-01E
  6. Then go the next through the confirmation proccess by selectin appropraite option.Master Reset SONY Xperia AX SO-01E
  7. When the following menu appear connect turn your smartphone into a Fastboot Mode.Wipe data on SONY Xperia AX SO-01E
  8. In order to do it you have to hold down the Volume Down and while holding this key connect your phone with PC by using Micro USB cable.HardReset SONY Xperia AX SO-01E
  9. Then read imporatnt infomation about process and select Next button to begin the factory reset operation.Format SONY Xperia AX SO-01E
  10. When the opration is completed disconnect your device.
  11. Finally, switch on your SONY by holding down the Power button.Hard Reset SONY Xperia AX SO-01E
  12. Congratulations! The hard reset has just been completed.
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Hard Reset SONY Xperia L C2105 - Reset All SONY Xperia

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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