Bypass Lock Screen Pattern SONY Xperia T3 D5106

How to perform the hard reset and byppas lock in SONY Xperia T3 D5106?

How to bypass screen lock protection? How to bypass pattern lock? How to remove password? How to erase everything from your device? How to reset your phone? Hot to perform a factory reset? How to accomplish the flash operation?

This tutorial is the answear for all of these questions. In this article we present you the way to accomplish the hard reset operation by uploading a new firmware and by performing the flash operation on your cell phone. That way you will restore the default state but also remove all data on your device and bring all settings to the factory state. Please be aware of the consequences and risks that may be result from this process

You can download the flashtool application from here: or

You may watch the whole step by step intructions right here:

How to download firmware for SONY Xperia T3 D5106?

  1.  You should have installed the Flashtool application with integrated XperiaFirm. You can download it from here:
  2.  Afterwards open the Flashtool and click on XperiaFirm icon.SONY Xperia T3 D5106 Flashtool
  3.  On the left side you should have the list of Sony Xperia Models.
  4.  Scroll down and find your exact model.
  5.  Then look for the firmware that suits you the most and click on it.
  6.  Afterwards tap on the number of the software at the top right corner.
  7.  As soon as the following window appears on the screen choose the Download operation.
  8.  When the operation will be completed press OK button.
  9.  Excellent! You just download the appropriate firmware for your device.

How to perform the flash operation in SONY Xperia T3 D5106?

  1.  You should make sure, that you have installed the Flashtool application and downloaded the firmware for your device.
  2.  Afterwards open the Flashtool and click on Lightning icon.
  3.  When the Bootmode chooser pops up select Flash Mode and confirm by pressing OK.
  4.  The following window should appears on the screen.
  5.  Make sure that you have selected appropriate firmware and Wipe Data option.
  6.  If everything is correct click on Flash button.
  7.  When the Flashtool ask you to activate the Flash Mode do it.
  8.  In the most of the device you should do it with your phone disconnected from the PC and switched off.
  9.  Then hold hold down the Volume Down key and connect your phone to PC by using microUSB cable.
  10.  Wait to complete the whole operation.
  11.  When the Flash operation is finished, you can hold down the Power key to activate your phone.
  12.  Well done! The pattern lock has just been removed.