What is Hard Reset?

Hard Rest is a software restore of phones/smartphones/tablets (as well as other electronic devices) to original system settings. This operation deletes all data, settings, passwords and applications in the memory device.

Hard Reset operation is most commonly used to repair a damaged or malfunctioning equipment or deletion of user data before the sale.

Before you can use Hard Reset always remember to make copies of your data, because the operation is irreversible and recover previous data and settings will not be possible.

What is Soft Reset?

Soft Reset is to turn off and reboot device. The operation does not cause loss of data or device settings.

Sotf Reset is often helpful in solving minor problems with the device, such as slow operation or operating system error. This operation is usually the first step in solving the problems with the phone.

Is it safe to use Hard Reset function?

Using the Hard Reset is safe and should not cause any damage. After using this feature, your device will have the software and set of applications as the moment they leave the factory.

When You Have To Hard Reset Your Device ?

What I should to do, when I forgot phone password in my Nokia? (old Nokia phones)

You should to upload new firmware to your device. This procedure will restore default password, and all data in your device will be deleted.

Can I do hard reset, if I have unofficial software?

This makes more probability that after operation hard reset You will have bootloop or another problem with your phone.

What is a Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode helps you repair your installations and instal an offical operating system's updates using a certain key combinations or instructions. In most Android devices in the recovery mode you can: fastboot the device, find more info about it, wipe data. You may also customize it to do so much more. The recovery mode is very typical for Android devices - you can find it in almost every one of them. Read more about Recovery Mode.

What is a Download Mode?

Download mode is a sub-system featured on your device that may be used to flash stock firmware or customized files. This type of mode is used mostly by Samsung devices and it may be compared to Fastboot / Bootloader Mode in HTC and Nexus devices. Read More about Download Mode.

What is a Bootloader Mode?

Bootloader is a set of codes which is executed every time an operating system begins to run. It instructs the system kernel to boot normally. The bootloader is usually locked by the manufacturers to prevent the users from changing the version of the operating system which is specially designed for the particular device. This mode is used in Android devices, especially in HTC phones.

What is a Fastboot Mode?

Fastboot is a protocol which may be used for updating the flash file system in your device. Using the fastboot you can modify the file system image from a comuter via USB connection. It may come in handy when you want to do a quick update of the firmware without having to use the recovery mode. You can find this mode in devices such as HTC, Sony Xperia, Alcatel or ZTE.

What is a Safe Mode?

Safe mode enables you to power on your device when the third-party apps are disabled. With the safe mode turned on you have no problems removing all tha applications which might be causing any conflicts or software problems. You may use a Safe Mode in LG phones.

What is a Hardware Key Control Mode?

The hardwarde key control mode might be use when the display on your device is damaged or broken. It allows you to answer the incoming call, end the call or switch off the alarm using only the hardwarde keys. This particular mode is commonly used in LG devices.

What is a Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a feature in some of the device with Android OS 5.1 or higher. FRP prevents from other people using your phone and performing a factory reset without your permission. Factory reset in that case is only possible with access to your Google Account and screen lock information. 

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