simcarddeSIM Card

A few words about the successor of the SIM card, eSIM (Embedded SIM). eSIM is a virtual card that is saved in a small module that is permanently embedded in smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets. These modern virtual cards can be easily downloaded to your phone. This means that you no longer have to manually insert the SIM card into the phone. If you decide to download the eSIM, the device will easily connect to the mobile operator, as in the case of a classic SIM card. Activating the eSIM card is very quick and easy. To successfully complete the installation process, you only need to scan the QR code that will be generated by the mobile network operator or you can manually enter the address of the SM-DP + (Subscription Manager Data Preparation) server and enter the activation code. eSIM cards are a modern solution. However, more and more manufacturers are deciding to introduce eSIM to their latest devices.

Benefits of eSIM:

- If you decide to activate eSIM on your phone, you can increase the security of your device. If you lose your smartphone or someone steals it, this card will facilitate the location of the device. It is much more difficult to remove a physical card than a normal SIM card.
- Thanks to the fact that the eSIM card module is very small, manufacturers have additional space in the device that they can use and spend, for example, to install a larger battery,
- This is an ideal option for people who travel around the world very often. You can directly purchase an offer from any mobile network operator in the world and assign it to the modem in our device.

How to Add eSIM?

To add eSIM to your smartphone smoothly, you should learn how to get access to the network settings, where you will be able to get a possibility to install eSIM. If you want to learn how to easily download and install an eSIM card to your device, use our tutorials on YouTube Channel.

Let's follow the instruction below and learn how to Add eSIM to HUAWEI P40 Pro:

In the tutorial below find how to add eSIM to MOTOROLA RAZR (2019):

  1. At the very beginning, unlock your device and get access to the Settings.
    moto main menu moto settings icon
  2. In the next step, find and choose the Network & Internet.
    network i internet moto
  3. At this moment, select the Mobile network.
    mobile network moto
  4. Afterward, tap on the Advanced options from the Mobile network.
    network Advanced moto
  5. Now, get Carrier to successfully set up eSIM.
    network carrier moto
  6. After that, click on Add Carrier.
    add carrier
  7. In order to Download your eSIM, click on the Next button.
    download your SIM next checking network info
  8. This is the time to Add a carrier with a QR code.
    QR add carrier
  9. You can also enter code manually if you want.
    enter code manually
  10. Success! Your eSIM has been successfully set up.
    Carrier enabled