Add Fingerprint

Every one of us knows how important is to protect personal data stored in our smartphone. Nowadays, we can’t really be sure who gets into our device. One of the available protections is fingerprint unlock. Let’s set up your own fingerprint to be sure that you are the only person that can get access to your device’s data. Follow our useful tutorials, where you will be able to get the full information to learn how to set up a fingerprint in order to unlock your smartphone by using your own finger.

How to Add Fingerprint?

To successfully add a fingerprint on your smartphone, you should learn how to get into security settings, where you will be able to set up your own fingerprint. If you would like to find out the way to smoothly add fingerprint on your device, then we recommend using our videos available on YT Channel to watch instruction on your own phone model.

Let's watch the video below to learn how to set up fingerprint in SAMSUNG Galaxy S9:

In the instruction below we show you how to add a fingerprint to the NOKIA device:

  1. In the first step, unlock your Nokia device and select Settings from the apps menu.
    Nokia Settings
  2. In the second step, select Security & location and Fingerprint later.
    Nokia Security & location Nokia Fingerprint
  3. This is the time to Set up screen lock easily.
    Nokia Set Up Screen Lock
  4. Now, choose the screen lock method from the presented ones.
    Nokia Screen Lock Nokia Fingerprint Sensor
  5. Afterward, select the type of the notifications and finally Add fingerprint.
    Nokia Notification Type Nokia Add Fingerprint
  6. After that, press Continue and START buttons to set up your fingerprint in the next step.
    Nokia Unlock Nokia Fingerprint Sensor

  7. Nextly, scan your finger, lift and tap a few times until the fingerprint will be set up.
    Scan Finger
  8. Perfect! Fingerprint has been successfully set up and your device is protected.