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Would you like to contribute to the biggest website in the world with hardreset descriptions and earn a few dollars by doing that? Do you have an original, interesting mobile device which is not common worldwide? Do you have a new flagship phone?

Well we have a great offer for you. We will pay you in dollars (price will be settled individually) for making a full HD video of a few operations performed on your device (hard reset, soft reset, special modes etc.) with our logo in the back and with no voice. If you have an access to a lot of unusual or new models you can earn a lot of money. For example for Android devices we need 3 to 5 videos and we pay for each!

What models of devices do we need? Everything that is NOT on our YouTube channel. For more exact info feel free to contact us telling us which models you have and we will say whether we need it or not.

Technical video requirements:

Check out our youtube chanel in order to watch the exemplary movies: chanel

Visit our website to learn how to make a hard reset operation on your device:

Please contact us for more details: