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How to Change Character Appearance and Adjust Settings in PubG Mobile?

Today, we want to show you how to change the character appearance in PubG Mobile and which settings you should set primarily that you can best configure the game options for your needs. This guide able you to personalize your account settings and change things like Avatar, Flag, Avatar frame etc. Follow us and enjoy the best PubG Settings! in Slovak! - article image on in Slovak!

Do you want to find instructions for your device in the Slovak version? Would you like to read tutorials in your native Slovak language and understand it better? Good for you! Let's visit to learn how many things you can do with your device!

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How to Hide PubG Account Statistics?

Did you know, every PubG player can visit your profile and check information about you? Let’s discover the best way to hide your PUBG career results on your phone, you don't need to install any extra app for that, the option to hide your profile is included into PubG settings. Follow our instructions and look how simple is that operation! in Ukrainian! - article image on in Ukrainian!

Are you a native Ukrainian speaker? Would you like to learn more tricks in Ukrainian? You can't be in a better place! Today we are proudly presenting the Ukrainian version of the web. Let's open it and read many helpful tricks that our website contains and use them on your device! in Polish! - article image on in Polish!

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Do you want to find out the instruction of hard reset operation in the German language? Would you like to read all the instructions for your loved smartphone in your native, German language? Is the German language is your native or additional? Let's find out to check out all of our tutorials in the German version in Italian! - article image on in Italian!

Is the Italian language your native? Would you like to learn more about devices in Italian? Good for you! Today we are showing you our new, Italian version of the website. Let's open the Italian one to learn how to fix some problems and help your device work better. in Portuguese! - article image on in Portuguese!

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