Check Out Available Countries and Carrier for SAMSUNG - article image on

Check Out Available Countries and Carrier for SAMSUNG

In this articles we present the list off all available firmwares categorized by countries and carriers. You can use this tab as the firs step while looking for appropratie sotware for your device.

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Android Pay Tutorial

Android Pay officially debuted in a lot of countries and is getting more and more popular. How to start using this app? How can use the Android Paying system? How to add your card? Let me introduce you into the Android Pay world!

Solve the black screen in iPhone - article image on

Solve the black screen in iPhone

The "black screen" and the lack of response of the iPhone is a common problem that occurs to iPhone users. Although this problem looks quite serious, it is actually very easy to solve. Let’s see how to handle such situations.

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Prepare iPhone for an Update

For now on it is possible to download iOS 11 and watchOS 4. In this article we explain step by step how to prepare your iPhone to update iOS 11. By following these rules you should accomplish the upgrade process smoothly without loosing any data.

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How to find your Apple Serial Number and IMEI?

Find out how to find your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or other Apple product serial number and IMEI Code. There are several places to find these numbers in this tutorial we will try to describe all of them.

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The Info Checker

Let us introduce you to our new product – the Info Checker App. This app allows you to check the full device info in just a few steps and it helps to get your Andoird device better. At this point the app has been released in a trial version so we would like to invite you to check and test our application. If you found some bugs or have any comments about the functionality please let us know about it. Together we can create a high quality product for all of us!

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Review Leagoo M8

Leagoo M8 is definitely and interesting proposition from this quicky developing Chinese brand. So far we’ve been very impressed with all of their devices - the quality compared to the low price that you pay is really outstanding. This is another one of their „phablets”. Keep on reading if you’d ike to find out what we think about this under $100 smartphone. 

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Review Leagoo M7

When you look at the newest Leagoo M7, you can’t miss the resemblance to one of Apple’s recent products - iPhone 7. It’s beauty however is a mystery to us. Is it just a pretty packaging with nothing good inside? Or is it amazing both inside and outside? Can this smartphone come close to the worldwide phenomenon of iPhone 7? If you’d like to know more about it continue reading this review.