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What UDiD number is?

Wondering what UDiD number is and where you can locate it? No need to worry. If you have about two minutes, come along with this article and come along with all the essential knowledge about the Unique Device Identifier. You will find here all the most important info about this unusual number associated with your APPLE device.

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Protect your mobile handset and its contents

Wondering how to protect your smartphone? Would you like to protect your device in every possible way? Do you need protection against viruses and malware as well as against data loss or some strangers? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, come along with the below article in which we will show you all the possibilities of mobile protection.

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What is MEID?

Wondering what MEID Number is and where it can be found? Then, you are right in a proper place! Below you will find the whole MEID specification and it will no longer be a puzzle for you. You will be aware of all forms that it can have and you will know the meaning of each particular digit that is included in this 14-digit hexadecimal value.

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Huawei Phone Clone

Huawei helps their users with transitioning from the old phone to a new one by including in their phones the Phone clone app so you can easily transfer all your data to the new Huawei phone, and jump straight to using it right after the transfer is finished. All your call logs, messages, photos  and all other data will be moved for a seamless transition.

I was sold a phone that has been reported stolen. What should I do? - article image on

I was sold a phone that has been reported stolen. What should I do?

A lot of people buy used phones. It’s a great way to purchase a relatively new phone for a smaller price. But when you’re buying a used phone there are few things you need to keep in mind. If you’re not careful, you may purchase a phone that was reported stolen/blacklisted.

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What gives me IMEI check?

IMEI Number of the device is like a DNA, tells you everything about your phone starts from basic information, parameters and finishing on Blacklist Status Check, Sim-Lock Status.

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What is ICCID?

Find out what stands behind ICCID shortcut, what it actually is and what is its connection with the SIM card. Let's learn how to locate this unique code and let's sort out the meaning of each individual number in this 18 or 19 digits long number.

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How do I remove my phone from the blacklist?

Have you mistakably reported your devices’ IMEI? Maybe you thought it has been stolen, yet you already found it. Or you lost and blacklisted your IMEI, yet then someone gave it back to you? Do not worry. Take a look at the below and remove your smartphone from the blacklist!