06 Feb 2019

How to add a location on Instagram?


Why the location is worth adding?

Do you know that in accordance with the latest statistics adding a location to your photo or video is the best tool for gaining new followers?
That is not the only reason for putting it in. When you add a location to your post, your followers will be able to check out this place, which you recommend or the opposite, is not worth attention.
You can attract more engagement from the Instagram users who are around the same location wondering if the place will meet their expectation by browsing through the geotagged photos and videos. When you tap on the location, you will be redirected to the Photo Map page, where you can find the whole content collection from the specific place.

Where is location tab placed?

When you tag a place, it will be displayed at the top of the particular post, right behind your username.

How to put the location in an Instagram post?

  1. At the very beginning, you have to grab a photo or video that you would like to post.  Instagram location
  2. Then, if you took it with a regular camera, upload the photo or video that is to be shared.  Instagram location
  3. Now it’s time add a filter, adjust brightness or edit it in accordance with your preferences.   Instagram location
  4. When it is done, tap on “Next” key, located in right, upper corner.   Instagram location
  5. You will be redirected to a page, where all visible content can be set up.   Instagram location
  6. Tap on Add Location and pick the one that you are currently in.   Instagram location
  7. Finally, select the Share button, and within a few seconds your post, with location added will be published on your Instagram feed.   Instagram location

And that's it. Now you can easily tag your location.
As it was told above, recently, people have begun using Instagram to search for some particular cafes, restaurants, bars, museums etc through this extraordinary tool, what we owe to this super application. If you want to find some place which should meet your needs, it is the best way to check it. That is why it is worth tagging location to your posts and share impressions about individual places with the others. 

By Marta Luber on 06 Feb 2019

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