14 Jan 2019

What is "allowing unknown sources" and how to enable it on your smartphone?

Have you ever tried to install some useful application downloaded from your favourite forum and you couldn't? The Android OS won't allow you to do it "just like this" and there are plenty of good reasons why. If you want to install any apps from any source different than an Android app store - Google Play, you'll need to allow that in settings by yourself. But why exactly it needs to be this way? Well, people have different opinions about that particular problem. Some of them think that any serious company shouldn't allow a user to install any applications they don't trust. But there are some people disagreeing with this and they say that users should have the choice to install any applications they want. Google has brought together those two opinions and metaphorically said: "Ok then, you would have a possibility to install applications from any source, but you'll need to accept the risk and allow it by yourself in settings".

Is allowing unknown sources safe?

Well, yes, at least in most part of it. You shouldn't allow unknown sources on your phone and just leave it be. The best way is to change it in settings, then install desired applications and return to the old allowance customization. Google didn't create this restraint without a reason. This is just supplementary protection for your smartphone from some viruses and backdoor hacker attacks. The Android OS is way harder to hack than Windows on PC, if you don't have access to enter the system by the malware hidden in an application you just won't do it. The Internet is dark and full of terrors, so Google wanted to grant us a bigger sense of security, but if you decided to go your own path they won't stay on your way. This sound so creepy, but the thing is you shouldn't just leave the door open for all the time and it will be fine.

How to find out if an application source is trustworthy?

Here you need to count mostly on your own instinct. If you want to download a game and somehow it ain't on the Google Play make sure that you are downloading it from the official producer's website. All sorts of pirate sites, torrents and the especially dark web aren't the safest sources to do so. If you need some root application or FRP Unlocker try to search them in popular tech-blogs or professional web services like ours - Hardreset.info. You can check out our app resource HERE.

How to allow unknown sources on my device?

It depends on what operating system do you have on your device or more likely which version of Android is installed on your smartphone. Let's start with the most common option.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Security.
  3. Here you will need to find "Unknown Sources" and check the Slider next to it. Hard Reset your device

On some devices with Android Oreo or newer, you'll need to unlock unknown sources access for particular applications (Google Chrome, Gmail, Google drive itp).

  1. Find and choose Settings.
  2. Go to Security&Privacy/Privacy Options.
  3. Next, move to Install Unknown Sources/Allow Unknown Sources.
  4. Here you can choose which application you trust and unlock it as you like.HardReset your device

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That's all we prepared for you about Allowing Unknown Sources. Check out the rest of our articles down below and also step-by-step Hard Reset tutorials on our website!

By Kamil Filipczak on 14 Jan 2019

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