07 Feb 2017

Android problems and defects

Android (like any other operating system) has some pros and cons. Many of the drawbacks applies to trivial features that at first do not seem important. At least until they start causing problems. Therefore, here is the list of the most popular Android defects, with the ways to solve them.

The lack of storage space for applications

The option to install the application on the memory card appears in Android from the version 2.2. This version does not belong to the oldest Android software, so models released very early cannot count on the official update. However, before the release of Andorid Froyo (2.2), the developers came up with their own way to install programs on USB memory devices. We are talking about applications like "App2SD." Those in the Google Play store you will find at least a dozen, and most of them - work on older versions of Android. Permanently delete data from your device

How exactly do these applications work?
Usually, they use the memory card partition EXT (the same as the internal memory Android), where desired files will be moved. In the internal memory will remain only a link to the moved application

Something “eats up” my memory!

Sometimes it happens that after the installation of several applications, our memory fills up. Then, the logical solution is to remove unnecessary programs. We remove the first application, then another ... another, until finally it turns out that the memory usage does not improve at all! What is going on? Of course, the application data. A good example is the game - when you start to play it, from time to time you create something called "save". Without it, all the time you spent on it goes back to the first level.

As you probably guessed, after playing the dozen games such files occupy a lot of space. Unfortunately, while removing applications this files are  not deleted. A similar principle apply to some other applications - eg. Store, which saves the current versions of the app or download status.

How to delete such data?
The best way to do it is to go to the settings and choose "delete data" from mentioned apps, but after some time it may seem very annoying. Hard Reset your device

Definitely a better option is to use special applications that have been created for such purposes. A very good example is the example. ACCleaner

Where is the money... from my account!

For unknown reasons, by default all Android device have enabled transfer data. So, you have to have in mind that your device is trying to connect and for instance download updates for your apps.

When you already discover what absorb your money you should get interested in the app watchdog APN OnOff. This apps will allow you to complete control  transmitted packets, divided into WiFi and 2/3 / 4G. HardReset your device

Silent Mode

Android comes with a number of settings for sound customazation. For example, alarms and multimedia have some intersting separate settings. If you do not know about it, we might have some serious trouble! Or at least, it can cause some funny situations...

Therefore, we recommend apps like Tasker and SilientSleep. They will allow us to automatically mute your phone in appropriate places (the GPS) and at a specified time! Factory Reset your device


By Sebastian Ziomek on 07 Feb 2017

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