05 Feb 2020

HardReset.info in Arabic!

We've got something special for our Arabic speakers! We are proudly presenting to you HardReset.info/ar/ which is a brand new version of our website. Now you'll be able to read all our instructions which contain hard resets, tricks, and hacks in the Arabic language! If you use the Arabic language every day or just feel more comfortable while using it, you should definitely use the newest version of HardReset.info. We believe that in this case using the Arabic version of it will be much more comfortable and understandable, so let's check it out!

HardReset.info in Arabic - Introduction

Our work bases on expanding the list of smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. That's why we are collecting tutorials that are connected with specific brands and models to make the usage of these devices much easier. You can choose from many different tutorials and solutions, starting with Hard Reset by using Recovery Mode, Factory Reset by using Settings ending with Soft Reset which is simply a Forced Restart. We've created a list of Secret Codes and Hidden Modes (f.ex. Safe Mode, Factory Mode, Fastboot Mode or Download Mode). Moreover, you can read about Reset options such as Reset Camera or Reset Network Settings. And all of that in the Arabic language!

We've also created the list of the Best Features your device is able to perform! Read our instructions and learn how to Add Fingerprint or Password to lock your device, Change Language or Wallpaper to personalize it even more. Find hidden options such as Developer Mode, how to Block Number or turn on Power Saving Mode. Find our Screenshot instructions to learn how easily you can capture screen and edit it or share it with friends. All our devices contain official Stock Firmware. Let's check out if the Flash for your device is available. Why waste more time? Just check our website, make the usage of our tutorials and get to know your device better!

We know that it is possible, that our translations may contain some errors and mistakes. That's why we are kindly asking you for the feedback. All Arabic-speaking viewers - please leave as many comments as possible and help us develop our project. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us here: Hardreset.info Contact.

Arabic HardReset.info

We are very proud that our project may help many more people than only English-speakers. We hope that our Arabic translation of our tutorials will help you understand these operations better. That's why we are presenting you the Arabic version of HardReset.info. And remember - we're not gonna stop on this language! We hope that we will be able to expand our base of translations!

By Daria Siewierska on 05 Feb 2020

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