08 Sep 2022

How to Back up iPhone Before Upgrading to the New iOS 16

 iOS 16 brings several stunning new features, including the ability to edit/recall sent messages, a new customized lock screen with widgets, updated Focus Mode, and more. You know you should back up your iPhone before upgrading to the new iOS 16 – it would be a big headache to have your iPhone data lost unexpectedly without a backup.
How to Back up iPhone Before Upgrading to the New iOS 16
   The newer iOS 16 beta 2 allows iCloud backup over a cellular network, which is a big update compared to previous iCloud backups available only over Wi-Fi and supported 5G networks. However, it doesn’t mean that iCloud is a perfect method to back up the iPhone before updating to the new iOS 16. iCloud lacks desktop organization and things become trickier if you have to sync iPhone data across multiple devices with multiple Apple IDs. There are occasional hiccups during the iPhone backup process. The iCloud 5GB free storage space is also far from enough for iPhone backup before the iOS 16 update.
   iTunes used to be a popular way to back up iPhone data but now gets replaced by many other iPhone backup software. Based on our tests, here a better solution is introduced – backup iPhone data before the iOS 16 update with WinX MediaTrans. Look at the features review of WinX MediaTrans and follow the tutorial below to make a backup of your iPhone data before the iOS 16 update.

WinX MediaTrans Features Overview

WinX MediaTrans is an easy-to-use and efficient alternative to iTunes for iPhone data backup before updating to the new iOS 16. The tool enables you to back up iPhone photos, music, videos, movies, ringtones, ebooks, and other types of media files to a Windows computer without using iTunes. The iPhone photos, videos, and songs are well organized and can be exported to a PC or external hard drive for a backup in batch. Thousands of iPhone 4K photos can be transferred to Windows PC in a few seconds. It’s much faster, flexible, and more stable than the iTunes or iCloud backup methods. There are no file size or file types limitations.
How to Back up iPhone Before Upgrading to the New iOS 16

  The iPhone data backup tool can organize iPhone photos well by day, month or year and delete unwanted photos and songs as you wish. It enables you to add music to a certain playlist and create customized ringtones for your iPhone. iPhone video backup can also be handled perfectly. The iTunes alternative backs up iPhone videos, movies, and TV shows, including iTunes purchases, with the ability to convert videos in MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI, etc. to MP4 format for better compatibility.
How to Back up iPhone Data Before iOS 16 Upgrade

  The video size can be compressed automatically without losing the quality to save storage space and speed up the backup process. The reason why we use WinX MediaTrans to perform the iPhone backup before upgrading to the new iOS 16 is for efficiency and simple convenience. The video and image format conversion ability is a big plus, compared to other iPhone backup methods such as iTunes and iCloud. The bonus features to organize iPhone photos, add music playlists, and make iPhone ringtones are welcomed and useful. With a well-designed user interface, it’s quite easy to back up iPhone data for the iOS 16 update. Follow the guide below to learn how to back up your iPhone to a computer.

How to Back up iPhone Data Before iOS 16 Upgrade:

  1. Free download WinX MediaTrans on your Windows PC. It fully supports Windows 11/10/8/7. Install the iPhone data backup software and open it on your PC. There’s no adware or such likes. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a compatible USB cable. Here we take transferring iPhone photos to a PC as an example. You can back up iPhone music, videos, movies, shows, and other files in the same way on Windows PC.
    Tips: When the Trust This Computer message pops up on your iPhone, tap Trust to allow your computer to access your iPhone files.
    WinX MediaTrans Features Overview
  2. Click the Photo Transfer button on the iPhone data backup tool’s interface. The Photo Transfer window appears, allowing you to back up your iPhone photos quickly. All your iPhone photos are well categorized in different albums and displayed on the left pane of the Photo Transfer window.
  3. Select the photo you’d like to back up before updating to the new iOS 16. You can click on the Select All button at the top to select all of your iPhone photos to make a full backup. You can sort photos by year, month, or date and the photos will export in batches.
    How to Back up iPhone Data Before iOS 16 Upgrade
  4. Click the Export button and all your iPhone photos will move back up to your Windows PC quickly. If you want to export iPhone photos from HEIC to JPG for wider compatibility, click the Export button and select “Export HEIC to JPG” from the Export drop-down list. The photos should be stored in C:\Users\User\Pictures\MediaTrans by default. You can change the path as you prefer.

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By Maciej Korzeniowski on 08 Sep 2022

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