21 Nov 2017

Remove iCloud Lock

How to remove the iCloud lock on ?

If you are iPhone or iPad user you should be familiar with Find My iPhone. One of the most popular option in that feature is Activation Lock which has been specifically developed to protect the iOS device and Apple Watch against stealing and losing data.

You can enable this feature in a few steps by using your APPLE ID and password.  As a result of this it doesn't allow anyone else to use your device. So, after the hard reset operation or after setting up Lost Status on the FMI feature you must enter your Apple ID and passwords to reactivate your device. But what if you have forgotten your login data and you can’t recover them?  What is the method to bypass or Unlock Activation Lock? How to bypass iCloud Lock?

In order to understand iCloud lock and to check out all possibilities of removing the iCloud lock we recommend reading this article:

iCloud Lock / Unlock Methods

You should also read here about all the security features that can lock APPLE devices and check out the Blacklist and Find My iPhone Status.

By Sebastian Ziomek on 21 Nov 2017

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