03 Jul 2019

Can I unlock my phone even if it has been reported?

Reported device

The whole blacklist idea is a result of the growing amount of thefts and lost phones. Blacklist makes it nearly impossible to resale the smartphone. Wondering why? The unique IMEI number is unreplaceable and it can be connected with one device only. So once the particular IMEI number is reported, it is quite easy for the carriers to track the stolen or lost smartphone, by locking the device out from cellular networks.

If you would like to know something more about the Blacklist and learn all the methods of adding a number to this list, find out how to add a phone to the blacklist

Stolen Blacklisted Device

Can I unlock the reported phone?

There is a possibility to unlock a reported phone, yet it has nothing to do with removing it from the blacklist. Such smartphone will only work on wi-fi network and you will have access to some applications that do not require connection to the network. We can compare it to airplane mode, which disables a device’s cellular radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth — all the wireless transmission functions. Whatever device you’re using - an AndroidiOS or whatever else - such mode disables the same hardware functions. So even though you unlock reported smartphone, almost certainly you will not be able to make or receive any calls or messages. Generally, no SIM card will work properly on this device. The only possibility to enable such phone is activation it in another country with a different carrier’s SIM card.

To sum all up, you are definitely not able to legally unlock the repored smartphone and use it on your daily basis. One and only confident way is contacting the carrier with the proper proof of ownership, so it is released from this blacklist. Afterwards, you will be able to use your device as previously, to the fullest - with all features and functions active. 

By Marta Luber on 03 Jul 2019

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