03 Nov 2017

How undelete/restore files in android phone?

Recover deleted files

1. In order to accomplish this operation, you need to have your device rooted. The let's download the Undelete Recover Files App.

Wipe data on your device Format your device
2. Open it and wait until Welcome! screen appears on which you will be asked to check root rights by pressing Next.
Restore your device Remove screen password on your device
Remove Screen Lock on your device
3. If your phone is rooted properly, Succes screen will appear, now tap Next to start recovery data. Permanently delete data from your device
4. Now we can choose one of following three options:

Hard Reset your device

5. Let's try to get some lost files. To do that choose recovery files then select storage from which you want to restore lost files:

HardReset your device

Master Reset your device Wipe data on your device
6. After selecting the path from which you want to recover deleted files, you will have three types of scan to select. Choose one most accurate for the type of problem:

Format your device

7. Try first Journal Scan it's fastest and might be enough for your problem. Now the software will start scan memory and searching for deleted file/files. After scanning your mobile memory it will display a list of all deleted files which Undeleter Recover Files & Data app found and is able to recover. Restore your device If this scan didn't help try with a Generic scan. Remove screen password on your device If this one didn't help too use a Deep Scan, be aware that this will take a long time for scanning. Format your device

8. If you succeed in finding your deleted files/file select them and tap save button to start restoring.
Remove Screen Lock on your device Permanently delete data from your device
9. Select where do you want to save file/files, you can choose phone memory or upload to other media like cloud service or other Hard Reset your device
10. If you selected to save the file into phone memory you can now decide if want to restore files to default undeleter folder ( to prevent overwrites other delete files) or save them in another folder of your choice.
HardReset your device Factory Reset your device
11.When you ready tap the CHOOSE button to restore files. Master Reset your device
Free software version can only recovery pictures and other media files, if want restores some documents or other types of files you will need to get the full version of the software.
Undelete process can end with success but that all depends on when files were deleted, the android system overwrites deleted files with the new ones so it's important to not wait to long otherwise lost files will be gone for good.
Usually, a max period of time is 1-3days after deleting a file to recovery anything with success in 80% or higher, after this time it's very hard to restore any files.
Wipe data on your device
We were happy to help especially if you were able to get your lost files!

By Wojtek Góralczyk on 03 Nov 2017

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