01 Apr 2020

How to Disinfect Mouse and Keyboard?

Rarely we do clean our mouse and keyboard, even though we should. Nowadays, mostly in the face of COVID-19, we take good care of the disinfection in general, also if it’s about our digital gadgets.
Today it’s time to think about the best way of cleaning both, mouse and keyboard which we use every day. Let’s find out the best disinfection method and prevent yourself from getting sick. Learn how to clean computer components that you use so often.

clean keyboard & mouse

What do I need?

How to disinfect mouse?

The first question is how to remove all bacteria from the mouse. Contrary to appearances, it is not that obvious. The reason why it is not so easy is that we have plenty of different mouse types. Some of them are very simple and easy to clean, however, others, have many cavities and the disinfection process is not that simple. Mouse constructions designed for players are extremely complex.

So.. how to clean the mouse efficiently?

First, use a damp, lint-free cloth to clean the mouse and remove any visible dirt and grime. Then, for cleaning all visible dirt use some alcohol spray or a cloth soaked in disinfectant liquid. Distribute fluid all over the mouse. In case of a spray, let the alcohol stay for a few minutes on the gadget and then wipe off the dirt with a clean paper towel or cloth. Check your mouse, and if you detect any further signs of dirt, clean it one more time. Just the same way, no further philosophy or new methods. Just spray and wipe it again. The cleaner your mouse looks, the cleaner it really is. You can also use a toothpick on any seams to get rid of dirt from crevices.

Clean keyboard and mouse

How to clean the keyboard?

We can all agree that grimy keyboards are awful and disgusting. We use it every day, often do we eat nearby or dring something, so it's impossible to avoid stains, crumbs or other food debris somewhere around the keyboard. At least for most people, because there definitely are some exceptions like extremely disciplined pedants. In addition, dust and invisible bacteria settle on the keyboard, which is why cleaning is so important.

How to clean the keyboard safely?

Firstly, you should turn the keyboard off or disconnect it from the computer. Then prepare some soft cloth, most preferably microfiber, as it will prevent your letters from rubbing off. If you used harsh chemicals, you would damage the keys' coating. Remove all dust and stains and polish the keyboard. To clear the gaps between the letters or any other slots you can also use a toothpick, which is a simple but irreplaceable and always effective trick.

How often shall I clean keyboard & mouse?

They should be cleaned one to two times a month using the steps below. We should not overdo it because it's always a chemical interaction with our gadgets, and a few times a month is more than enough for the good and safety of all - devices and ours.

By Marta Luber on 01 Apr 2020

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