How read info from Huawei phones when not turn on

Download Necessary Tools

1. Huawei HiSuite

2. Adb mini with Fastboot tools

Installing Necessary Tools and Drivers

1. Install Huawei HiSuite to get communication with the phone and all necessary drivers.
2. Install ADB mini with Fastboot tools to get all needed tools and rest of adb drivers that are required.

Read All Information from Phone In Fastboot Mode

1. Turn on the phone in fastboot mode.huawei fastboot screen
2. Open Command Prompt  from start menu with admin rights(if windows ask about rights just press YES)command prompt run with admin
3. If you do not change default folder ADB and FASTBOOT files are in C:\ADB
4. Now you need to go into this directory using the command:

Next use fastboot command:

1. fastboot devices and press enter button
This command checks communication with phone and confirms that all drivers are installed correctly.

2. fastboot oem get-product-model
and press enter button
This command read from phone product code / phone namehuawei read info in fastboot
3. fastboot oem get-psid
and press enter button
This command read IMEI and S/N from phonehuawei read imei in fastboot
4.fastboot oem get-build-number
and press enter button
This command  checks firmware phone versionhuawei firmware version read in fastboot
5. fastboot getvar:rescue_phoneinfo
and press enter button
With this command, you can read more info about the phone when it supports this command

Another useful fastboot command:

This command restart phone in normal mode, it's very useful when we have got a phone with built-in battery.

This command checks bootloader status is it LOCKED or UNLOCKED.

That's all.

By Wojtek Góralczyk on Oct 27, 2017