How to Update Firmware in Xiaomi phones

Would like to update XIAOMI firmware? Are you looking for the method to change and flash your device to the newest firmware? This solution is especially for you. Follow our steps and update you XIAOMI by using the safe and easy method.

Download Necessary Tools

1. Xiaomi PC Suite
2. Drivers
3. Firmware 

Install Necessary Tools

1. Start by installing Xiaomi PC Suite
2. In order to connect the phone to PC you need to install all drivers.

Download Necessary Firmware

  1. Firstly you need to know what is your exact phone model.
  2. The best way to accomplish that is to read this information from the back of the phone or from the Xiaomi box.Xiaomi box screen
  3. You may also get this information from
  4. All you have to do is type in your imei number and read the specification of the Xiaomi phone check
Necessary information is Model and the type of the Chipset from the phone. Some models have got 2 or 3 types of the processor inside. So you need to find out what Chipset is in your XIAOMI
We need to know what customization your device is using. In order to find out this information go to: Phone Menu>>> Settings>>> About Phone
Next MIUI version you should find:

Xiaomi About phone MIUI version

We should select the same version of the firmware or higher.
(in MIUI line can check exp. MIUI GLOBAL 8.2 / STABLE
Downgrade firmware without Unlocked Bootloader is not allowed.
Now you are ready to download the firmware for your device.

Xiaomi firmware download selection

Xiaomi miui page download button

Changing firmware in the phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want saves your data do the backup before start.

Update Firmware - Flash Tutorial

1. Remember that phone battery should be at least 50%.
2. Turn on WiFi and connect your XIAOMI to your network.
3. Now connect the phone to the computer by using the USB cable. In the drop-down menu select  USB icon and choose TRANSFER FILES (MTP) 
4. Now all drivers will be installed and you will see the phone in My Computer tab like Phone name(exp. Redmi Note 4 etc.) Xiaomi in my computer
5. Then find your device on My Computer and go to internal storage Xiaomi internal memory
6. Copy downloaded firmware here Xiaomi firmware copingXiaomi firmware on internal memory
7. Now unlock the phone and go to:
8. The update process will start in a few seconds.
Firstly phone will check if the firmware is compatible with our device.Xiaomi update system startXiaomi final warrning
After that phone will start updating ROM.Xiaomi update screen after restart
9. Just wait until the process will be completed.
That's all! Your phone is updated to the newest version of MIUI.
This method is the safest available method so it can’t damage your Xiaomi.

By Wojtek Góralczyk on Oct 26, 2017