07 Mar 2019

How do you to fix a bricked PS4?

What can brick your PlayStation 4?

Any game can start bricking a console if it's not correctly developed. Recently PlayStation 4 users had this problem with a new video game called Anthem. Apparently the Ubisoft developed title can brick your PS4, so that your console doesn't turn on. Adding to that - turning off your console when it's being updated can brick it too. There was even a point when getting a private message that said certain things could brick your system! You might have no idea why the screen stays black or why your device is suddenly unresponsive. No need to panic, there are ways of fixing it.

How to avoid bricking your PS4?

Be sure to follow at least some of the news whenever you're buying a new game. Try to check if the new game doesn't have any problems that might brick your system. It's very rare, but can happen, and even if the problem is later patched, you'd still be left with a broken system if you played the game before downloading the patch.

Another important thing is to absolutely never turn off your system during an update process. If your console ever downloads a new firmware and starts installing it, updating your system, do not turn it off. This can absolutely damage your system and can be very hard (if even possible) to fix. Firmware is like an operating system of your device, but if it's broken, it's not as simple as installing it again - sometimes an incorrect firmware can lock you out of all options and require the console to basically be bought anew. So always stay prepared if you start updating your PS4!

How to fix a bricked PlayStation 4?

  1. In case your PS4 console doesn't turn on, first make sure if all cables are connected correctly and the console recognizes your TV.
  2. To reset TV settings of your PS4, when turning it on, press the Power button and hold it until you hear a beep. The console will start with default TV settings and connect to your TV, so you can set everything up again.
  3. If this doesn't work, let us try starting the system in Safe Mode and fixing its file management system. To do this - first make sure your console if fully turned off (red light).
  4. Now, press the Power button and hold it until you hear two beeps.
  5. The console will start in Safe Mode. Your DualShock 4 has to be connected to the console with a USB cable for it to work.
  6. From here, you have several choices. You can either choose the Rebuild Database option, which will solve most of the problems, like the one with the Anthem video game. Remove Screen Lock on your device
  7. If this didn't help, go into Safe Mode again and this time select the Initialize (Reinstall System Software) option. This will completely delete all data of your console and bring it back to its factory default options, but will install an older firmware and should allow you to work through all problems you could have. Permanently delete data from your device

By Marek Pawelczyk on 07 Mar 2019

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