How bypass Google Account protection in Lenovo phones with Qualcomm CPU?

This article is the best solution for bypassing the Google Account protection in Lenovo phones with MTK processor and Android 5.1 version. Here you will find all the necessary drivers and tools to fix this problem. This method uses the free drivers and the FRP Unlocker free app. In order to accomplish the whole operation, you need to spend only a few minutes.

Necessary Drivers and Tools

  1. Mini ADB & Fastboot with Drivers
  2. FRP Unlocker

Install Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. Install mini ADB & Fastboot with Drivers both setup
  2. Unpack FRP Unlocker

Google Account Verification bypass tutorial

  1. Boot phone into the fastboot mode.
  2. Wait until all drivers will be installed.
  3. Turn on FRP Unlocker.Lenovo K5 Google Account protection bypass
  4. Next use Fastboot FRP button to start Google Account protection, Factory Reset protection bypass procedure.Lenovo K5 Google Account protection bypass
  5. At first, the software will check if a connection with the phone is correct. The tool will read the serial number and then the bypass procedure will start.
  6. Your  phone after correct process will rebooted to normal mode.
  7. Just wait for the Welcome screen.
  8. That all. The unlock FRP operation is done.

By Wojtek Góralczyk on Jul 3, 2018