14 Oct 2020

How to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram is a growing platform and has more than 700 billion users. Moreover, it has a very engaged community, more than 60% of users log in at least once per day.

Let's take a look at how to use it in the most favorable way. Creating interesting content is a significant step, but previously you need to gain followers and permanently take care of getting more fans.
Buying followers doesn't break any laws however, we do not encourage to do this practice. Is it really worth to pay for and buy Instagram fans? If you are curious about how to buy Instagram followers you should consider other options.

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How to get more Instagram followers?

We have prepared 10 tips on how to get more Instagram followers for free in the most easiest and effective way, discover them all.

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Use hashtags

Generally speaking, using hashtags is one of the best methods to show to others into the Instagram world.  People who are searching for something connected to your content, can easily find you and become your new follower. Therefore be more clever, maybe come up with your brand-new hashtag. Although remember to match quality hashtags properly. Get inspired by keywords from popular trends or tag your location sometimes to allow people from your surroundings discover your profile.

Post frequently

You shouldn't disappear from social media. Do not allow your followers to forget about you, try to publish something new frequently, at least one time per day. Mix up your content and use various types of communication with fans: Instastories with questions, make live-streams which involve people the most. Show yourself to the fans, let them know you better. It helps in developing a profile in your own style and attracts new free Instagram followers.

Create compelling content

Try to make valuable, engaging posts with fresh energy every time. Remember that random content appeals to the random audience. In other words, it is important not to seem dull for Instagram followers. Try to grab attention, mix up your content, use various types of communication with Insta followers: post videos, Instastories, or live-streams. Making Insta lives is the most effective way to bring organic traffic to your profile. Look beyond the obvious hashtags, create more original ones. Use absorbing captions to tell a few words about your photo. Make questions, use a call to actions to make courage your fans to discuss with you, write comments, or share your content. Make yourself clear and tell them what do you want them to do with your posts. Therefore do not leave the description box empty.

Adjust filters

Post your photos with special appealing effects. There are many filters, stickers, and apps you can use to attract your content. According to numbers, there are thousands of posts daily shared on Insta, so let's stand out from the crowd sometimes to grab the attention of new followers. Taking care of the high quality of files you upload is also important. Instagram is all about photos, do not forget about that.

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Create unique BIO

Introduce yourself briefly in an inventive way. The BIO caption is limited to only 150 characters, thereby take advantage of it. Type in a few words describing yourself: your interests, occupation, or any intriguing details about you. Add emoticons and hashtags. Choose your profile picture and Instagram Stories Highlights, which always appear in your profile below your BIO section. You can add as many Stories Highlights as you wish, classify and name them. In addition, it is possible to insert one link in BIO to other websites: your blogs or any other social media accounts.

Promote your account on other networks

The first basic step to begin using Instagram is to add friends, family. During signing up connect with your different social media accounts to let others know about your profile and start gaining followers. Inform your Facebook friends that you have joined the Instagram community. Enter links in any other social media to start driving traffic and gaining new followers besides Instagram. If you have any blog or website, you can insert links to promote your profile. Invite others to follow you and increase Instagram followers.

Schedule posts

Plan your posts in advance, consider diversity in creating a social media calendar. Decide how many posts and Instastories you are able to create per week. There are special apps like Hootsuite or Preview helping manage planning posts and publish them later automatically. It brings regularity and helps you stick to your planned strategy.

Follow real accounts

False accounts are useless if you are willing to build an engaged audience. Insta algorithm deletes unreal accounts permanently, so buying followers is not the right solution. Accordingly, to be successful in the social media world, you should recognize fake accounts and avoid them. Try to focus on making connections with real people, getting reactions and comments from them, and consequently becoming well-liked.

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Use Instagram Analytics

Get to know more info about your followers, check Insta statistics and trends regularly. Take into consideration the best hours to publish content when your Insta followers are active and more eager to react to your posts. Publishing at the right time enables you to get more likes and comments. Consequently, the Instagram algorithm values more your posts with more reactions and they are more likely to appear on Insta feed with higher frequency. It affects and improves your Instagram Engagement Rate growth. You can compare stats and generate your Instagram Top 9 - your most-liked posts of the year.

Repost valuable content

Sharing user-generated content is a good manner to gain more attention in social media world. Interactions with the Instagram community, following users and making comments enable others to discover your profile. Find popular and most liked pictures, follow Insta trends, and repost them. Check for celebrities Instagram Top 9 - posts with the most interactions of the year called also Instagram Best Nine. It could be inspiring. Reposting and being active is a good way to reach more organic traffic and constantly provides new free Instagram followers.

By Katarzyna Łaba on 14 Oct 2020

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