08 Feb 2017

Hook up a USB flash drive to your device

The vast majority of Android phones have the ability to connect external USB devices such as mouse, keyboard and USB memory. Support USB flash drive allows you for example to archive videos, photos and music without having to boot to the computer. The only requirement is to have the appropriate cable.

One of the least known Android features of is the peripherals suppot such as pendrive or keyboard. Currently produced memory sticks are relatively cheap and very capacious, so we can store a lot of data on them – e.g. movies, music and photos. If you want to transfer files on your smartphone(and vice versa) you don’t need to turn on the computer. For this purpose, you can use a special cable called USB On-The-GO abbreviated as USB OTG.

Check compatibility

At the beginning you should check whether your smartphone has support OTG mode which is necessary to connect a USB flash drive. In order to do it you ought to download and install USB OTG Checker. The best way to accomplish that is by using the Google Play Store. Run the application and choose the Test option. If your phone supports USB memory, the program will show you the following message: Format your device


USB OTG is a traditional adapter equipped with two ends - microUSB and female USB input. Smaller connector is used to connect to the phone while using the second one as input the USB flash drive.

The cable may be purchased for even a penny, but the durability of this product leaves a lot to be desired. It is worth to invest in more expensive cable because it will guarantee a more reliable operations. Restore your device

Connect USB Flash drive with the smartphone

You should input the micro USB end of cable in the smartphone port and insert pendrive in the female end of the adapter. Our smartphone should automatically detect the new storage medium.In order to make copying content between devices easier you should install one of the best file managers. Remove screen password on your device

Note: If you would like to connect a portable hard drive then you need to provide your phone with additional power source because the port on your device does not supply the required amount of energy.

What to do if me device doesnt't hook up a USB flash drive?

There is a pretty good chance that your pendrive isn't prepare right. The USB flash drive has to be formatted to FAT32. It is supported by Android file system. To accomplish that connect your USB device to a computer and open My Computer view. Now it’s a good time to copy the USB content to a safe location on your PC and then right-click on the name of the USB flash drive and select Format. There you have to choose Restore default settings and change File System to FAT32. Click Start and wait for the end of the formatting process.

Note - all files in the USB memory will be irreversibly deleted (that’s why we recommend to make a backup).

By Sebastian Ziomek on 08 Feb 2017

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