How do I activate my device when SIM card arrives?

How to insert SIM Card to my device? 

Obvious it is, that your smartphone will not work fully without a SIM Card. It is the same with some other devices that have SIM slot built-in. If you would like to gain some more knowledge about SIM Cards, you should come along with the article about Kinds of SIM Cards.

insert SIM Card

The question is, how this little, amazingly important piece of plastic, should be inserted. Many people find it difficult to locate the tray for the SIM Card or are not able to place it on that tray correctly. If you have the same problem, check out how to smoothly insert a SIM Card on our YouTube Tutorials. Just take a look at the exemplary SIM insertion for Android and iOS smartphones.

How to set up my device?

As only you insert your SIM Card correctly, then it’s time to set up the whole device. Afterward, you will be able to use your smartphone fully. It is extremely important to set up your device properly and pick the suitable settings, as it has a huge impact on later use of your smartphone or another gadget. So in this place, we would also suggest to locate your device model in our step by step instructions and come along with the specified instruction. You can find Set Up Tutorials here.

For most common devices - obviously those with Android and iOS - you will find the example of the activation process below.


And that would be all! If you put the sim card correctly in the device and then successfully set it up, then you will be able to use your device fully. At this point, we wish you the best usage of your phone and if you have any doubts about further settings, tricks or secret modes, you will find everything on our website and the YouTube Channel. Enjoy your phone and use it to its limit!

By Marta Luber on Jul 30, 2019