28 Jan 2021

How to download and install FAU-G on Android Device

If you are a huge fan of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you probably know that this game has probably gained its biggest competitor. This is great news for people who are big fans of action games. Of course, this is great news for all Indian citizens where PUBG has been officially banned for several months. From January 27, 2021, Fearless And United - Guards (FAU-G for short) is available for mobile devices and breaks records of popularity! The game has reached the highest number of pre-registrations in less than 24 hours on the Play Store in India. Unfortunately, it's not yet available on the Play Store, but we've found an easy way to successfully download and install the FAU-G Game on Android devices.

Check out this tutorial, download FAU-G Game and start your mission!

FAU-G Fearless and United Guards logo

The FAU-G is a complete novelty that originated in India. The first mention of this game was made to the public in August 2020, days after the PUBG was banned in India. It is worth mentioning that the Indian government, and more specifically the Ministry of Information and Technology, banned a total of over 100 different applications at the same time. The release of this game is very good news, first of all for all the inhabitants of India, but also for the entire gaming world! This game was made by nCore Games. Founded in 2018, nCore Games isn't very popular but is backed by Vishal Gondal- the one of the gaming pioneer from India. As a curiosity, it can be mentioned that the very famous Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar is involved in the promotion of this game and it was he who announced on his Twitter account that the game was finished. He also officially announced that 20% of net revenues earned through this game will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer trust and support  Atmanirbhar Bharat movement.

What is FAU-G? 

Some important things which you should know about FAU-G:

- Calling FAU-G a competitor of PUBG is an unofficial statement as the makers of FAU-G have expressed their official position that it is an action game and not a battle royale game.
- At the moment, the battle royale game mode is not available, in which it is possible to play a team. The only mode that is active is the single-player campaign mode.
- According to the assurances, the FAU-G game will be based on real events, which may be indicated by the setting of the first episode, i.e. the territory of Galwan Valley - a place particularly exposed to conflicts between China and India. The creators of the game, in particular, refer to the recent event in which about 20 soldiers were killed, which was the reason for many anti-Chinese protests in India and this was also the reason for many applications banned.
- FAU-G is 100% made in India and it is an Indian product.
- In FAU-G, the most popular method of combat is fighting with the use of several types of weapons, such as for example, axes. Considering the fact that the game is based on real-life events, guns are not allowed during the fight in Galvan Valley due to an agreement between China and India. The question remains - if the battle mode will be activated, will guns still be banned? We will see in the future!
- If you are a citizen and resident of India, you do not have to worry about your privacy, because all data will be stored in your country (unlike PUBG, which you know is made in Korea). 

Indian Soldier and Indian Flag

How to Download And Install FAU-G on Android Device?

Now we want to present you the fastest and most effective method to download FAU-G to your Android device. As you know, this game is not yet available on the Google Play Store, so we suggest you another source. A good alternative to the Google Play Store is to Download APK and OBB files.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. First of all, you have to Download APK and OBB Files.
  2. Now, you have to Download APK on your device. So, go to this website.
  3. When you are on the site, tap on the blue Free Download Button. 

    Download FileUpload

  4. After that, tap on this field to confirm that you are not a robot.

    Download Fileupload Confirm You Are Not A Robot

  5. Select the green Create Download Link Button.

    Download FileUpload Create Download Link

  6. After that, tap on the Click Here to Download Button.

    Click Here to Download FileUpload

  7. If any ads pop up, you have to close them and then go back to the previous page and then press the Click Here to Download Button again. Attention! Sometimes ads will pop up multiple times and you have to repeat this step!
  8. If the download of the file from the first link was successful, then you need to do the same with the file from the second link. Every step will look exactly the same.
  9. When everything is done, go to the File Manager app. 

    File Manager

  10. Next, open the Downloads tab, where you will found these two downloaded files.

    File Manager Downloads Tab

  11. Now, click on the com.ncoregames.zip file.

    File Manager Internal Storage

  12. In the next step, select Extract.

    File Manager Extract File

  13. Then, tap on OK.

    Manger Files Extract File

  14. Now you should see the unpacked file. If everything is ok, enter this folder called com.ncoregames.

    Find com.ncoregames

  15. Then Click and Hold this folder, next select Move To option.
    Select com.ncoregames.faug Move file com.ncoregames.faug

  16. Now you need to decide where to move this file. Select the Internal Storage.

    Manager Filers internal storage

  17. Next, go for Android folder.

    Manager Files Move to Android

  18. After that, tap on obb folder and finally tap OK.
    Manager Files Move to obb Manager Files Move to obb

  19. Excellent! Now we can start the installation of the FAU-G APK file. Tap on FAU-G 1.0._100.apk.

    Manager Files FAUG

  20. Tap on Install to start the installation process.

    Manager Files Install FAU-G

  21. When you will see that the installation process is done, you can open the game.

    Manager Files Open FAU-G

  22. You did it! The FAUG Game works and now you can enjoy it. Congratulations!
    Check also our video tutorial:

Watch our first FAU-G gameplay on our YouTube channel:

By Anna Grudzień on 28 Jan 2021

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