18 Aug 2017

How to find your Apple Serial Number and IMEI?

Find out how to find your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or other Apple product serial number and IMEI Code. There are several places to find these numbers in this tutorial we will try to describe all of them.

If you have access to your device and your Apple product is activated you can find the Serial Number and IMEI by using settings:

  1. From the Home Screen find and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to General and open this section. Afterwards tap About.
  3. Here you can find your desire information.

iPhone General About Screenshot

  1. Find Apple Menu and then select About This Mac.
  2. Afterwards click twice on the Mac OSX version number.
  3. Excellent! Now you have access to serial number.

Hardware Overview MacBook Pro Screenshot

If your device cannot be switched off and you still haven't found the number you should read the following instructions.  There are several places to find these numbers on the physical device. Let’s see where you can find the Serial Number.

Apple Devices SN localisation

If you are looking to find some alternative way of finding your device's Serial and IMEI number. You can do it by using the iTunes. This method works in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod touch.

  1. At first connect your device to PC.
  2. Afterwards open the iTunes application.
  3. Then select the Summary tab in order to check Apple Information.
  4. Well done! Here you can find the appropriate information.

iTunes About Phone Screenshot

If you don't have your device there are still several places to check the Serial or the IMEI Number:

iPhone Box Label

By Sebastian Ziomek on 18 Aug 2017

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