How to manage auto-updates in Android phone?

Auto-updates could be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes we wish not to waste our precious data transfer on some not important updates. Other times, we need the newest version of a certain app asap. We recommend taking a little time to focus on our instructions below in order to be able to happily manage your auto-updates.

How to turn off the auto-updates in ?

  1. Firstly go to Google Play and click Menu
  2. Afterwards find Settings.Google Play Settings
  3. Then click on Auto-Updates App.Auto-update
  4. Choose whether you wish not to have any auto-updates, have them at any time or only over Wi-Fi (the last option is the most reasonable one - that is the one we have!).{{image3}

How to turn off the auto-updates on a specific application (here: Facebook) in ?

  1. Go to Google Play and click Menu
  2. Tap on My Apps & Games.My apps & games
  3. Choose the application you wish to modify (we chose Facebook)
  4. Click on the right upper corner.App Menu
  5. Tick if you wish to have auto-updates and tick off if you wish not to.Facebook Auto-Update

By Sebastian on Jun 28, 2016