08 Apr 2022

How to prepare for a programming interview?

Learn Algorithms and Data Structures

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Some example sorting algorithms:

Some example data structures:

Data structures are a way to organize and manage data efficiently. There are different ways to store data, and there are many ways to operate on the given data structure. Different implementations have been created for various purposes:

There are numerous types of questions you can be asked in an interview about data structures, for example:

Practice Programming Languages

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First off, you should of course practice the language required for the position you're applying for. But don't forget about the language you are most comfortable with, more often than not you can pick a language in which you'll be doing the interview assignments. Don't try to show off in low-level languages like C or Rust just for the sake of it. Make your job easier! Here are some examples of what to use certain languages for, for some people, this may seem obvious, but let's keep it for beginners.

These are the most known languages, there are many different technologies, such as WebAssembly, Clojure, Kotlin, Golang and so on.

You can check which programming languages will be in demand in the coming years on our website to see what you may want to focus on in the future.

Extend your portfolio

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Work on your projects a lot! You need to prove that you can develop quality software, it would be great if your work included projects connected to the job offer, for example, you would create several Web Apps for a Front-End Developer or program some microcontrollers for an embedded developer position. Don't be scared because of the ongoing programming myths, a lot of the time these are stereotypes made by people who have no idea what they're talking about. Here are some simple projects ideas for different programming languages to get you started:

Web Developer Project Ideas (Front-End):

There are numerous tools you can use as a Front-End Developer, these include JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, React, Angular, Svelte and so on.

Web Developer Project Ideas (Back-End):

By Maciej Oliwa on 08 Apr 2022

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