29 Mar 2021

How to protect Facebook account from social hacking?

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and probably doesn't even require our presentation. This network has about 2.8 Billion users, which is a testament to its scale. But with such popularity comes a proportionate increase in the number of individuals who want to illegally access and use your personal information for their own purposes. Find out exactly what you can do to avoid hacker attacks and protect your Facebook account.


What steps should you take to protect your Facebook account as best as possible? 

We think the following actions will help with this task:

Avoid Password Saving on Public Devices

One of the most common mistakes is your username and password on shared devices. Fill out feature can be convenient on your own personal computer or mobile phone, but not anywhere else. So please be very careful when using your Facebook account in public places and don't click on save your login data. Just go and disable the password saving feature on your Facebook page in the "Security and Login" panel.

Logging Out On Other Devices

After logging in to your Facebook account from devices that don't belong to you, make sure you also log out. This is the easiest way to access your personal information, data, contacts, and messaging history. And if you ever forget to do this, there is a simple method to log out remotely. Enter your "Where You’re Logged In" section on Facebook and then end sessions that you think are not your own. We suggest you check them frequently.Kotwica

Create Strong Password

Also, there is one factor we just cannot forget to mention in this guide. When you create a Facebook profile or edit the security settings later, you just have to have a strong password, which is hard to detect not only for humans but also computers. But what should it consist of and what should it include? First, when coming up with password ideas, consider: the larger number of characters is, the safer it is. Second, it’s a smart tactic to mix numeric digits, special characters (!, #, etc.), and letters written in upper and lower case. 

Check out this example: H@rdr3s3t.Inf0.

Two-Factor Authentication and AlertsKotwica

What else can you do? Be on the lookout for any suspicious activity related to your Facebook profile. To accomplish this, you should activate the login alert option. It will notify you about any unrecognized logins (non-typical devices or browser) to Facebook immediately. Turn it on easily in the "Security and login" settings. 

In the same category, you’ll be also able to start using "Two-factor authentication". This feature works on a very similar principle, you will receive a notification that you have signed in to your account and then you will be asked to enter a special code as proof of your identity. How to get this code? Via SMS to your phone number, from a third-party authentication app. Or just tap your security key on a compatible device.

Check For Malware

Watch out for malicious software that can very easily infect your device while browsing the web. Try not to visit suspicious, non-certified pages and regularly scan your computer or even your phone for malicious programs and files. 

How do you know if a scan is worth performing? Your gadget has started to run significantly slower, ads and undesirable windows are popping up without you turning on your browser. And spam is being sent from your account, with unfamiliar locations appearing in your login history. 

In such a case use the appropriate programs and detect the localization of malicious applications. Clear your browser data as well as update your browser version. 

Hide Email Address

We strongly advise you to additionally hide your email address, as it is still the data that is used to log into your Facebook account. This is easy enough to do, simply click on your profile image, go to "About" and afterward to "Contact and Basic Info". Click "Edit" and change the audience that can see your email address.  

By Sofiia Skorska on 29 Mar 2021

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