31 Mar 2021

How to protect TikTok account from social hacking?

If you are a TikTok user, we encourage you to check out this article. We would like to tell you how exactly you can protect your profile from hackers or overly curious acquaintances. A few very simple actions will go a long way towards increasing the security of your personal account. Have fun on TikTok with caution. 

What can help you to reliably protect your TikTok account?

Check out all these options available for the users:

Create a Strong Password

You've probably heard this advice many times before, but the most fundamental step is to create a strong, complex password for your account. This seemingly trivial method is really effective because long passwords consisting of special characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters. This approach makes it harder for hackers and computers to guess it. A great example of such a password could be for you: H@rdr3s3t.T1kT0k.

Log In With Code Verification 

Usually, social networks offer their users a two-step authentication when logging into an account as a security measure. But with Tiktok the situation is quite different, here you can't use a password along with another method of authentication. But you can replace the password with a special code, which will be sent by SMS message or a letter to the mail. Enter it in the application and get access to your profile. 

Disable Login Data Auto-Save

If you allow strangers or people you know to access your phone, it would be very practical to turn off the auto-save login and password feature. Be on the lookout at all times. You can accomplish this with no trouble in the "Manage my Account" settings section.

Check Logged In Devices

If you might have forgotten to log out of your TikTok account on your friend's phone or suspect that someone else might be using your profile, there is one way to check quickly. TikTok offers you an option where you can see all your logged-in devices and, if necessary, log out of the ones you can't recognize or don't belong to you. Just follow this route: 

  1. Me
  2. Three vertical dots 
  3. Manage My Account 
  4. Security

And this is where you check the list of devices with access to your account. 

By Sofiia Skorska on 31 Mar 2021

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