How to Remove a Facebook Message?

Since now you have 10 minutes to permanently delete a Facebook message!

If you send something to the wrong person, or if you have smitten a blunder and you do not want your interlocutor to see it, check out the new messenger function!
From now on you have 10 minutes to delete the message so no one can see it, just as if it never existed. You just have to remember that the notification about deleting the content will appear for all users.

Check out how to use this new Facebook option on your online browser and in your mobile application.
Use it whenever you send a message to the wrong addressee, or once you change your mind about the position you are expressing. Maybe you just do not want to exacerbate the conflict or thanks to this super feature you'll be able to save the blown-out surprise!

Delete facebook message


Take a look at the below instruction and easily unsend the unwanted message.

How to Delete Message in Facebook Messenger

  1. Tap on the message you just sent and hold it for a while. Delete facebook message
  2. Pick more icon.  Delete facebook message
  3. Secondly, select the Remove tab. Delete facebook message
  4. Decide if you want to Remove it just for yourself or Remove for EveryoneDelete facebook message
  5. Once it is picked, click on Remove one more time to delete the message. Delete facebook message
  6. Great job! Now you can see the notification only, there is no content included. Delete facebook message

How to Remove Facebook Messages in a Web Browser

  1. At first, drag the mouse to the message that you would like to delete.
  2. Tap on the more icon, which is 3 dots one next to the Answer icon.
  3. Then pick the Unsend tab, which has just appeared.
  4. Pick if you want to delete it just for you or for all users.
  5. Finally, tap on Unsend to permanently remove the message.
  6. Perfect! You've just erased the previously sent message. 

delete facebook message

As you can see, the whole operation is truly easy and takes up to 15 seconds. No matter if you are using a Web Browser or the Mobile Application, you should have no difficulties with deleting unwanted messages. From now on, you do not have to come up with some explanation if you share some wrong content with your friend, or if you mistakably send a message addressed to your buddy to the boss. 10 minutes is definitely enough to realize that the content provided should not be on the side of a specific recipient. Therefore, we should not complain about the time limit set by Facebook.


By Marta Luber on Apr 15, 2019