01 Mar 2019

How to unlink Facebook from Instagram?

How to disconnect Instagram account from Instagram?

Since 2012, when Facebook purchased Instagram, both social platforms have been working very closely. Plenty of work has been put to create truly compatible, sticking together and cooperating applications. Even though you are not forced to connect them while creating an IG account, it is strongly recommended. Often do people miss the moment of agreement to relate them.
Sometimes, just after some time you are tired of this twin connection. It may be annoying that every time you post sometimes on IG it is to be seen on Facebook.
Thankfully, the reconnection process is not that difficult and you can perform it both shortly and easily. You do not have to be kind of IT master to do it.
The only necessity is to have knowledge of where to look. And that is what we will show you in the below article. Simply follow the presented steps so you can disparate both social media accounts.
Firstly, just answer the question if you truly want to do it.

Shall I unlink Facebook from Instagram?

Having IG connected with FB allows you to smoothly post your Instagram pictures to Facebook. If you want to share some content with both your Facebook friends and IG followers, you do not have to do it twice, as all the posts from Instagram will be available on your Face profile.

From the other hand, you may have all the various friends on your facebook account. From co-workers, party friends to your grandparents. While your Instagram friends are way more limited. You may not want to share your daily life with all of them, and it that case unlinking idea as a great one.
If your main fear is handling the information by Facebook due to plenty of well-known situations of mishandles the data by this platform, it will not resolve your problem. As it was told at the very beginning, just the same company owns both Instagram and Facebook, so unlinking them will not be a solution. If that is something that makes you feel scared, the best solution is to reset your account.

Unlink Facebook from Instagram

How to unlink Facebook from Instagram

  1. At the very beginning, open Instagram app on your mobile.
  2. Secondly, go to your profile and tap the more icon, located with the upper, right corner.  Unlink Facebook from Instagram
  3. Find and pick the Settings, which are located at the very bottom. Unlink Facebook from Instagram
  4. Then open the Account tab. Unlink Facebook from Instagram
  5. Now, in the middle of the popped up list, you will find Linked accounts, open it. Unlink Facebook from Instagram
  6. From the available platforms, pick FacebookUnlink Facebook from Instagram
  7. If Facebook is connected to your Instagram account, the Facebook icon will be blue.
  8. Pick the linked account and then tap Unlink accountHardReset your device
  9. Great job! If someday you would like to connect them one more time, you can simply do it the same way.


From now on, all the posts you share on IG will not be transferred and seen on Facebook. However, remember that all the oldies are still on your account and if you would like to get rid of them as well, you have to delete each pic manually.

By Marta Luber on 01 Mar 2019

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