How bypass Google Account protection in Huawei phones with Android 8 onboard?

Necessary Tools

  1. Wifi Connection.
  2. Phone with microSD slot
  3. microSD card.
  4. Application

Removing Google Account on the phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want saves your data do a backup before start.
The battery should be at least 50% charged before the start.

Google Account verification bypass

  1. Copy to microSDcard application
  2. Turn on and connect to wifi network.
  3. To back to the first screen need reboot phone by the Power button and reboot option from the screen.
  4. Next when phone turns on again hold 2 fingers on screen until you do not hear talkback enable.Huawei P Smart hold 2 finger on screen to turn on talkback
  5. Write on screen L letter to enable help menu.Huawei P Smart write on screen to open settings menu in talkback
  6. Select TalkBack Settings.Huawei P Smart select talkback settings from menu
  7. Hold Volume Up and Volume Down for a long time until you do not see information about the shortcut.Huawei P Smart talkback shortcut
  8. Tap the OK button, then again hold Volume Up and Volume Down buttons until you not hear and see information about talkback disable.Huawei P Smart talkback turn off
  9. Next select Help & feedback option.Huawei P Smart help menu
  10. Select search button, write voice and press enter key to see results.Huawei P Smart voice in search filed
  11. Select Get started with Voice Access link.Huawei P Smart get started with voice link select
  12. Tap play button on the movie, then arrow button and select more menu button.

    Huawei P Smart play button on movie

    Huawei P Smart arrow button

    Huawei P Smart more menu button
  13. Youtube application open, stop movie and tap share button.Huawei P Smart share button in youtube application
  14. Select e-mail, next adds Hotmail( email to the application.
    (if you will got any problem with hotmail account use yahoo account but remember before use it enable Allow apps that use less secure sign in option in yahoo setting page)

    Huawei P Smart select e-mail button

    Huawei P Smart select hotmail account

    Huawei P Smart enter e-mail and password for your hotmail account if not get creat new one on pc
  15. Tap next button until you will see main email screen.Huawei P Smart tap next button until main e-mail client screen
  16. Next, select Compose button and write an email to anyone.Huawei P Smart creat new e-mail in mail client
  17. Tap attachment button and select Files.

    Huawei P Smart add attachment

    Huawei P Smart select files

  18. will ask about permission tap Enable button.Huawei P Smart  select sdcard
  19. Insert microSD card to phone.

    Huawei P Smart memory list

    Huawei P Smart select sdcard button

  20. Select SD card choose and press OK button.

    Huawei P Smart select application

    Huawei P Smart ok button in emial client

  21. Tap Send button.Huawei P Smart tap send button
  22. Go to outbox or sent tap, tap on the email that you send before.

    Huawei P Smart menu button in mail client

    Huawei P Smart select outbox

    Huawei P Smart select email that send before
  23. Tap on application to run it.Huawei P Smart select to install it
  24. will ask about permission tap settings button, then enable Allow app installs option.

    Huawei P Smart tap settings button

    Huawei P Smart enable allow apps install

    Huawei P Smart apps install enabled
  25. Tap back button and you will see install button. Tap it.

    Huawei P Smart back button to start install application

    Huawei P Smart install button in application

  26. After installation end taps Open button.Huawei P Smart open button to start
  27. Write in search field home and press enter button.Huawei P Smart search field in
  28. Select Huawei Home, next select first Huawei Home and press Try button.

    Huawei P Smart home in search field

    Huawei P Smart home button in application

    Huawei P Smart try button
  29. Tap Set up phone button.Huawei P Smart set up phone button
  30. Good work you are now on the main phone screen.Huawei P Smart main screen
  31. Tap play store and add your Gmail account.

    Huawei P Smart enter email to your google account

    Huawei P Smart confirm by tap next button

    Huawei P Smart tap agree button

    Huawei P Smart phone checking account

    Huawei P Smart your own account added to phone

    Huawei P Smart google play store opened

  32. Next reboot with power button and option from the screen.Huawei P Smart just restart phone by power button and option from menu
  33. To complete a process and delete old Gmail account from the phone just perform a factory reset from the menu.

Congratulation. Good work. is without any Google Account protection, Factory Reset Protection.

By Wojtek Góralczyk on Aug 24, 2018