06 Mar 2019

How to create Close Friends list?

Instagram Close Friends List

Have you heard about Instagram’s super feature which is Close Friends? If not, let us show you what it is all about!

A few years ago, social media were just a tool for sharing content with your closest friends. But as the times go by, you have some high school strangers in a group of your followers, grandparents, parents or even some oldie auntie. Then, your boss started following and a band of colleagues right behind him. Suddenly not only your closest confidants are able to see what you are up to, but the whole world - with those with whom you do not want to share your life included. 
Instagram Close Friends List

It undoubtedly can be annoying. Thankfully, Instagram came up with an idea, a great solution, for this situation. IG enables you to handpick a group of friends or followers to share private Instagram Stories posts with. It gives you a bit more privacy and intimacy. Now you have an ability to create a private list of followers named Close Friends and only they will be able to see the content you share. From now on, once you post a story on Instagram, you can differentiate between posting for everyone and posting to their group of Close Friends. For Instagram's fans, this quite new feature could make the platform way more manageable. 

Let’s see how to do it!

How to create a Close Friends List

  1. Firstly, open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device.

  2. Once you are logged in, pick more icon, located in the upper right corner.  Close Friends List IG
  3. From the available options pick Close Friends. Close Friends List IG
  4. Then, look for a follower that you would like to add to your Close Friends list. 
    Close Friends List IG  
  5. When you have it in front of you, click on Add Close Friends List IG
  6. Once the person is added, finish the process by selecting Done Close Friends List IG
  7. Now you can add there as many people as you only wish to!


How to send a story do Close Friends

  1. Begin with tapping on your profile picture at the top of the home.
    You can also swipe right from the home feed to open the camera and grab a picture or record a video.  Close Friends List IG
  2. Secondly, you can either take a photo or add some older from your gallery, simply by selecting the gallery icon
    Close Friends List IG Close Friends List IG
  3. As only you select the proper one, add some filters, gifs or texts if you would like to make it even more unique. 
    Close Friends List IG Close Friends List IG
  4. Finally, click on the Close Friends icon.  Close Friends List IG
  5. Excellent! You have just shared your memories with your BFFs only!


How do followers know they're on the Close Friends list?

Even though users are not being notified by Instagram about being added or removed from one's Close Friends list they'll be able to notice it by watching the stories you shared. The ones that are shared with Close Friends only are surrounded with a green ring around your profile picture, while the standard one is pink. Actually, for the very moment that is the only way to find out that you have been added to somebody's Close Friends list. 


instagram close friends feature

By Marta Luber on 06 Mar 2019

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