How to Enable Night Shift in iPhone?

Night Shield, often called Eye Protection, Night Shift or Night Mode is a great feature that APPLE offers. It basically reduces the blue light that your device produces and adjusts the display's temperature.
All the elements that have a negative impact on your eyes and are not healthy for sleep are abridged. It all improves the eyes condition, makes it easier to fall asleep and actually sleep better. Night Shield is an extremely useful patent that significantly simplifies and improves life

If you would like to learn something more about it, read about Blue Ligh Filter in your Smartphone.
Blue Light Attack

How to activate Night Shift in iPhone?

  1. At the very beginning, open the SettingsNight Shield
  2. Then, find and pick Display & Brightness.  Night Shield
  3. Once you notice Night Shift, just click on this icon. Night Shield
  4. if you would like to set some automatic rule, pick Schedule and adjust it to your needs.
    Night Shield Night Shield
  5. You can also pick the manual option by swiping Manually Enable Until TomorrowNight Shield

And now you know how to activate, use and personalize Eye Protection mode, in APPLE devices named as Night Shield or Night Shift. The activation process is truly quick and easy, so for your greater comfort and safety of eyes, use it the evening. Especially if you read a lot! Enjoy the benefits of new technologies and take care of your eyes!



By Marta Luber on Jul 11, 2019