How to clear Chrome history in Apple iPhone or iPad?

This manual is the answer for any problem that you can get with Chrome browser on Apple iPhones and iPads. Here you should find the step by step instruction on how to clear history in one of the most popular browser: Google Chrome. Check out how to delete browsing history, cookie, site data, saved passwords and other personal staff.

  1. To start an operation open the Chrome application.Hard Reset your device
  2. Next tap the More Menu button () and here select Settings.HardReset your deviceFactory Reset your device
  3. In this step tap the Privacy option.Master Reset your device
  4. In next step, press Clear Browsing Data to clear your history.Wipe data on your device
  5. Next select: to delete all of your browsing data.Format your device
    • Browsing history
    • Cookies, Site Data
    • Cached Images and Files
    • Saved passwords
    • Autofill Data
  6. To start removing all data choose Clear Browsing Data, next tap again to confirm an operation.Restore your deviceRemove screen password on your device
  7. Great work, Chrome application history is cleared.

By Wojtek Góralczyk on Sep 19, 2018