02 Jan 2022

Is a gaming router worth it if you are not a gamer?

What's the difference between a regular router and a gaming router?

So, we all know what a regular router does, and how does a gaming router differentiate from it? A gaming router makes sure game traffic is prioritized with QoS (Quality of Service) features. Those features help reduce connection disruptions, which helps remove lag in your games. Gaming routers also minimize data loss, which is great, especially for shooter games, where there is a lot of data going between the client and the server. A gaming router will not make your game itself run better, you will not get a higher FPS, you will not be able to play on higher graphical settings.

Gaming router advantages

What's the minimum internet speed for gaming

To feel comfortable during your casual online gaming session, 3 to 6 Mbps is enough. But if you are more of a competitive player, 25 Mbps should get the job done. We've got an article that covers how to speed up your internet connection. So if you are worried if 150Mbps is enough for online gaming, it's way more than enough, even if more people are using the same network.

Are modem/routers ineffective for gaming/streaming?

Lag in games is a very complex topic, and it can have many different sources, not always connected to your networking devices. Some of the issues may be on the side of the game itself, ISP providers and then lastly, your networking devices. In almost every case, however, you should use a wired connection, especially if you are serious about gaming or streaming. If you are having issues with your network, run some online network speed tests before you decide to replace your whole setup.

Is a gaming router worth it?

Usually not, if you are a gamer, you should prefer wired connections, we can help you pick the best ethernet cable. If you are not a gamer, then there's no reason to buy overpriced hardware just for the case of having it. Sure, a gaming router has many useful features, but you need to consider whether those features are worth the price. If your network's speed is concerning you, then you should read how to test your wi-fi speed to diagnose your network problemsGaming routers are especially not worth it if you're only playing single-player games that are mostly dependent on your RAM, CPU and GPU. We can also show you how to connect several network devices!

When a gaming router can prove itself useful?

These are game streaming services, where your internet connection extremely affects your gameplay, especially if you are playing a multiplayer game.

Which are the nest gaming routers for 2022?

By Maciej Oliwa on 02 Jan 2022

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