02 Feb 2023

Solid and Functional: Lamicall's ALL LOCK Phone Mount Review

Mobile phone accessory brand Lamicall has launched its brand new ALL LOCK phone mount system. This phone mount will be available on its website starting at $19.99. The ALL LOCK Phone Mount System billed as the most secure phone mount for adventurers of any kind. Why? This phone mount is built with the most advanced phone-locking technology ever. Its two-way support system for horizontal and vertical viewing makes photo shooting or video filming easier. It also has a switch lock to mitigate accidental touches or bumps that cause your phone to fall. This mount is easy to use with a simple one twist to open and one touch to lock. Easy to use, stable, and safe? Those are simply three highlights that this product brings to the table, making it a sure choice in any adventurer’s book.
Solid and Functional: Lamicall's ALL LOCK Phone Mount


Built with a proprietary align-n-lock design, this phone mount automatically and firmly locks into place. This means your phone will be safe and secure even with the most extreme movements!
The ALL LOCK can be mounted and dismounted in 0.5 seconds and can hold up to 25 KG of weight.  In addition to its solid frame, the ALL LOCK works with all handsfree scenarios and is fully compatible with MagSafe accessories.
The ALL LOCK case is compatible with all iPhone 12, 13, and 14 models, while other phones can enjoy the ALL LOCK system with the use of its snap adapter ($9.99).
Solid and Functional: Lamicall's ALL LOCK Phone Mount

Where Can it Be Used?

Curious if the ALL LOCK can be taken on your most extreme adventures? Worry no more. This phone mount can be used while hiking, cycling, driving, and more with its modular selection of compatible attachments. If you need a steady phone mount for your next all-terrain adventure, the ALL LOCK will have your phone covered. Even if you’re simply taking your car out for a leisurely spin, this phone mount will keep your navigation front and center, helping you get where you need to go safely.

Why Should Buyers Care?

Like it or not, our phones are an integral part of our everyday lives. Keeping them safe and secure is paramount! The ALL LOCK provides a simple, streamlined way to keep your phone mounted and safe from potential damage.

Background on Lamicall:

Lamical is a popular mobile phone accessory brand. Lamicall’s products include heavy-duty bicycle brackets, arm strap brackets, backpack strap brackets and more. Each product is engineered to withstand the elements and any extreme situations that accompany any outdoor adventurer. The Lamicall team is proud to provide innovative products to consumers all around the world. Lamicall believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice keeping your phone secure when exploring the wide world around you. These products are built to be a first choice for anywhere you want to keep your phone safe. Indoors or out! Whether you’re a cyclist looking for a secure phone mount, or you’re a hiker looking for an easy-to-use arm strap, Lamicall will have you and your phone covered. Looking for additional ways to keep your phone in place? Check out and explore Lamicall's All Lock phone mount series!

By Maciej Korzeniowski on 02 Feb 2023

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