06 Apr 2021

How to get Strava or MapMyRun routes and navigation on Xiaomi Mi Band or Amazfit Smartwatches?

Expensive smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Watch or Garmin Fenix Pro have a very useful feature that imports routes directly from Strava or MapMyRun to watch and navigate you through the route. HardReset.Info will present you how to the same functionality in Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Xiaomi Mi Band 5, or Amazfit GTR, GTR2, Amazfit GTS, GTS2, and many more smartwatches.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to export the route from Strava or MapMyRun into the GPX file and download it to your smartphone.
  2. Then upload it to Google Maps according to our instruction How to import GPX or KML file to Google Maps.
  3. Find and install the MiBand Navigator app from the Google Playstore. MiBandNavigator in Google Play Store
  4. Open MiBand Navigator and choose the type of device you will be using. Choose device in MiBandNavigator
  5. Give the app all required permissions and configure it according to the in-app guide. All steps needed to activate Google maps navigation in MiBandNavigator
  6. Then, open Google Maps and tap on the Saved at the bottom of the page. A saved maps in Google Maps
  7. Choose previously uploaded map created from the GPX file. Choose map imported from GPX file on Google Maps
  8. Select one of the waypoints. A waypoint select on downloaded route
  9. Click Start to begin navigation. A start navigation button in Google Maps
  10. Awesome! Now you will see a distance to the nearest turn and the direction you should go on your Xiaomi Mi Band or Amazfit Smartwatch.

By Maciej Korzeniowski on 06 Apr 2021

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